Monday, February 1, 2010

What I'm working on

I have been reading a lot of blogs that create a monthly to do list. It is fun to read about the projects they hope to accomplish and it is even more fun to tune in at the end of the month and see if they got anything done. I think a to do list would be a great way of keeping me on task. It may also cause me to rethink entering anymore swaps.

Here is my This is What I'm Working on List:

1.Put Binding on Humble quilt in Yellow and Purple.
2.Put Binding on Carolina Christmas (picture at bottom of Blog)
3.Sew, quilt and bind Distant Pickle's Disappearing 9 patch quilt along
4.Complete Step 2 on Double Delight Mystery Quilt free downloas over at quiltville
5.Get up to date on Diary of Hazel Ilene quiltalong
6.Complete Block of the Months for Amy's Passion and Quilt Ladies
7.Complete all 8 Building Blocks for Sadie's Block swap (not due till May 1)
8. Complete Mini quilt for Winter Time Quilt Swap (Due March 2)
9.Work on blocks for the Big Mini Block Swap (due April 30) Use the link to see the block patterns. They are all 4.5 inch blocks.
10. Work on i have to say's Road to Spring Quilt-Along
11. Work on p.s. i quilt's Pinwheel Quilt-along (this hasn't really started yet)
12. I also saw a postage stamp quilt along just recently that I am thinking of doing. Well I already have the fabric so shouldn't I.

Swaps that I have completed my part but am looking for the swaps to come back to me:

1. No Sew Block Swap with Welcome to My World She has a running tally on the side of her blog and I check it a lot.
2. Modern Siggy Swap with ps i quilt I found a pattern to use on these once I get them back.
3. I Spy Block Swap with The Project Corner

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Diane said...

Wow, I see several things on your list that I have on mine! I am doing the Road to spring and the Modern Siggy block. I am also in your no sew block swap! Also waiting for the pinwheels to start and have scoped out the postage stamp. ... have you seen the whirlygig quilt along? I'm in a different I spy swap. AND I am doing Mrs Moen's Mystery! I don't think I have so much overlap of projects with anyone else!