Thursday, February 25, 2010

I won a giveaway. Yeah!

Look what I got in the mail. Shelley at Red Quilts had a giveaway on her one month anniversary of blogging. This is the prize. Thank You Shelley There was supposed to be a pattern in the envelope but it was open when I got it I am asking around at my post office but I am not keeping my fingers crossed
The day is rather gloomy and this is my car pool day. My church is having a discussion about the local fishing economy and what we can do as consumers to help the fishing industry. I am really looking forward to this.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ps i quilt Pinwheel Sampler

Hi everyone, I need help. I can't decide which set of pinwheels to do. This is how I first put them together before I sewed anything but then when I had finished ironing. I put them out like this.
I kind of like the contrasting outer pinwheel. Which should I use?

Monday, February 22, 2010

Block for Matt

I was surfing the blogs this weekend and came acroos Mama Spark's World. I just had to make a block for Matt.
She asked me to make one of the dark blue and red squares. I wrote my note to Matt on the back so he will always have it with him.

Friday, February 19, 2010

It's Over

I think the Friday Night Sew in was a success. Of the four things on my list I did not complete one of them but I made progress. Here is a picture of my Breast Cancer block. It is going to be "arbor Window" after I got it this far I realized that I had miscounted and will need to cut more HST. But the big success of the night is the Road to Spring. It is really coming along. I am making it in a queen size so I have 324 rectangles and 324 squares. I want the colors to look random but I didn't like the look of just pulling a random square from the bag and sewing it so I have laid them all out and am designing each row.
I hope to have all the rows sewn together by Sunday. What progress I made on this quilt top tonight. I hope everyone has had a great night.

Friday Night Sew In

OK I am starting a little late because my husband was feeling a little neglected and he offered to take me out to dinner. Well I'm home now and ready to sew. Here is the list I'm working on:
1. Breast cancer swap block need 12 for swap
2. Block of the month (Amy's Passion) Block 5 and 6
3. Road to Spring complete top

I have a couple more things to do but I don't think there are enough hours in this night.

Good Luck

Some great Stuff in the mail

First I am finally up to date on my Diary of Hazel Ilene quilt along (well except for today) This block may have to be fixed see the upper right hand block but I was too tired last night. Okay here is one of the packages I got in the mail yesterday. Isn't this great. It came from Tia at "camp followers bags" I really love all the scraps i am thinking about a couple doll quilts. The camo bag has disappearred to my son but I know where it is... Besides the fabric she also included some needles, a spool of varigated thread, and a Dear Jane edge Block template. Thank You Tia I feel prepared for camp now.
And finally I am in a pincushion swap. I sent a pincushion to my partner in California and included some stuff from Maine. This is what I got from her. My pincushion is looking pretty plain compared to these but wow aren't they great. I think I love the jars with the pincushions on top the best but the lady bug pincushion runs a close second. I am going to try out the pincushion necklace tonight I hope I don't stab myself by mistake. :)
I hope everyone has a great weekend I will be doing the Friday Night Sew In. I hope to accomplish at least half of the things on my list. I will post an update with list after work.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter time Mini Quilt Swap and Inspiration

Hi Everyone. I have been working really hard on this wintertime mini quilt. I was inspired by a mini quilt that I can't seem to find now. I made a wonky star/sun and pieced the whirling fabric into the starry fabric. I made some wonky trees and a bright colored house. I have almost finished quilting. I hope I can get the binding on and wash it this weekend then I can get it in the mail next week. (I love getting things done early) It is due March 1st. I really am not sure if the person getting it is into wonky stuff but I hope she loves it. I just finished opening my "seven days of Inspiration" swap stuff. This was so much fun. The only thing not pictured here is a great pin cushion which I have been using since I opened it. The kids are trying to convince me that I should share the candy with them. I think I'll make them wait a little longer. :)
Well the opening ceremonies for the Winter Olympics are tonight. There are all kinds of challenges going on during the Olympics and I am not joining any of them. I am trying desperately to complete my TO DO list. My list currently has about 30 things on it. It will be a feat of Olympic proportion if I can complete the List by the end of the Olympics.
Well I hope everyone has lots of crafts to keep them busy during the long hours of television watching. Go Team USA :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fabric and a Block of the Month

Well my LQS (Mariner's Compass in Bath ME) had a big once a year sale. If you bought 25 fat quaters they would cost you $25. You had to buy them in groups of 25 and they had to be already cut but those were the only rules. I have been thinking about doing the postage stamp quilt along and I have wanted to do it in 1930's prints. So This is what I got....
Aren't they beautiful. I am not sure about using the solids. I might have to get a couple more purple, blue, green prints. So if you are counting that is 37 fat quarters. I needed 13 more.

Here are some I spy fabrics for a quilt. I am in an I spy swap and will be getting my 200 4inch blocks real soon. The swap coordinator has been showing us the blocks all along, so I have been planning the quilt in my head. I hope these will finish the quilt off really nicely.

And finally, Modify Traditions is having a block of the month. Last month it was the Broken Dish. Here are my two blocks. I am making two of each block so I will have a good sized quilt at the end of 12 months.
Other than this I am almost finished with my larger Magic Trick Mystery Quilt. A mystery quilt for during the Superbowl. I will post pictures tommorrow.
It is beautiful and relatively warm today (33 degrees) no wind and the sun finally came out so I am happy.
Have a great day everyone.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Magic Trick Mystery Quilt Finished

Quiltbug is having a mystery quilt pattern. It is only available on Sunday. I had church all morning but I finally completed it. This was fun. I don't think I ever would have made this quilt but I really love it.

Off to finish a couple more projects. Enjoy your Super Bowl sewing time.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Weekend TO DO list

So this weekend is very busy in our household. Tonight is the high school kids big dance. They call it "Snogard". Which is Dragons spelled backwards. Our high schools mascot is the Dragon.
Both girls are going. First they are going to swim practice and then off to the dance. They aren't staying out to late because Saturday is KVAC's.
I'm not sure what the letters mean but it means the regional swim meet before the states. Both my girls love to swim and I will be cheering them on from the bleachers. I have a number of hand projects to keep me busy when they are not swimming.
When I'm not watching them swim pr helping them get ready I am going to be working on my BOM. This is the Amy's passion block. I am really excited about geting these done for February. They look really challenging. I am also going to work on the mystery quilt at quiltbug.
And finally if I have time I will work on Sadie's Building Block. Does it look like a General store? I still have to put doors on the Ice box but other than that I think I am done. Now I have to make 7 more for the swap.
I should be busy. Oh did I forget to mention the football game? No I won't be watching but the family will and that just means more sewing alone time. Yeah!

Monday, February 1, 2010

What I'm working on

I have been reading a lot of blogs that create a monthly to do list. It is fun to read about the projects they hope to accomplish and it is even more fun to tune in at the end of the month and see if they got anything done. I think a to do list would be a great way of keeping me on task. It may also cause me to rethink entering anymore swaps.

Here is my This is What I'm Working on List:

1.Put Binding on Humble quilt in Yellow and Purple.
2.Put Binding on Carolina Christmas (picture at bottom of Blog)
3.Sew, quilt and bind Distant Pickle's Disappearing 9 patch quilt along
4.Complete Step 2 on Double Delight Mystery Quilt free downloas over at quiltville
5.Get up to date on Diary of Hazel Ilene quiltalong
6.Complete Block of the Months for Amy's Passion and Quilt Ladies
7.Complete all 8 Building Blocks for Sadie's Block swap (not due till May 1)
8. Complete Mini quilt for Winter Time Quilt Swap (Due March 2)
9.Work on blocks for the Big Mini Block Swap (due April 30) Use the link to see the block patterns. They are all 4.5 inch blocks.
10. Work on i have to say's Road to Spring Quilt-Along
11. Work on p.s. i quilt's Pinwheel Quilt-along (this hasn't really started yet)
12. I also saw a postage stamp quilt along just recently that I am thinking of doing. Well I already have the fabric so shouldn't I.

Swaps that I have completed my part but am looking for the swaps to come back to me:

1. No Sew Block Swap with Welcome to My World She has a running tally on the side of her blog and I check it a lot.
2. Modern Siggy Swap with ps i quilt I found a pattern to use on these once I get them back.
3. I Spy Block Swap with The Project Corner