Friday, April 23, 2010

College Touring - Not a quilt shop visited

Well I am back from doing the college tour thing with my Junior and my other daughter who is a freshman. First we went to Muhlenberg in Allentown PA, then Dickinson in Carlisle, PA. This is a picture of one of the buildings on the Dickinson Campus. The nest day we toured Bryn Mawr (an all girls school near Philadelphia, PA),
then we drove through Haverford and toured Swathmore in Swathmore, PA. After we left Swarthmore we drove through Villanova. This is a picture from Swarthmore.
The next day we toured Quinnipiac in Hamden, CT. This is a beautiful campus. The only drawback is that they are moving most of the housing off campus.
That same day we went to Connecticut College for a tour but we missed the tour and the next was in an hour. My daughter didn't want to wait so we did a self guided tour and left.
They were all beautiful schools but after that many days in a car with a teenager that really just wants to hang out with friends i was very glad to get home.
The amazing story behind all this college touring is that we had my in-laws come up to help my husband while I was gone with my son. They arrived the day begore I left but something was wrong with my MIL. She had a mini stroke. We admitted her to the hospital. I left (there was plenty of other family around my husband had really just wanted to see his parents) and she came home the next day. We are now trying to get her to take the medicine that should prevent any new strokes from happening.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Well I finally remembered to put some of the quilts I am working on up on the design wall. I am working on a "Double Delight" quilt the pattern is from Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville. I changed the colors around and i think I might like it. The pinwheels are for the ps i quilt sampler. The tiny pinwheels are because I oopsed and cu the squares the wrong size but decided to put the block together anyways. Here is a picture of my sewing machine. This is all the stuff I have ready to be sewn. I ran out of bobbin thread and decided that I needed to sleep.
Sometimes when I am really in the quilting zone time just flies by. That is what happened last night. I hope to finish the double delight quilt this week (I may run in to a problem with the border but we will see). Happy quilting!

Friday, April 2, 2010

April Showers bring ... treats

Well there have been no real showers in April so far, but there were plenty in March. The water drainage got clogged right near our house and our basement flooded. We have flooded before about twice before in 14 years so we had almost everything up. I had just moved my sewing room down to the basement so some fabric that I was playing with on the rug got wet but it was all washable. After all that rain we have had beautiful sun and today I got this giveaway in the mail. Beth over at The Quilt Ladies sent me these seven fatquarters and one of her books. I love the fabrics and have started reading the book already. The other great thing that happened yesterday is that the Maine Shop Hop started. Because the shops are so far a part and really can't be hopped in a weekend, we have the entire month of April to get to all 32 shops. I started at my local quilt shop, Mariner's Compass. I love the people here they are great. She has expanded her clearance area. I picked up these charm packs for 50% off.
I have been dreaming of a whirlygig quilt or a pinwheel quilt now I could do both. :)
Well hopefully this weekend I can get to at least 6 more shops. I really need a new machine and I am hoping to win one of the two machines. Wish me luck! ;)