Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Computer had a Trojan

That is what the Geek Squad guy told me. I couldn't even turn it on. It is so hard to be with out a computer. The good news is I had lots of time to sew. I got lots of small projects done but here is the one big project Which is almost done.
These are my Modify Tradiotion Sampler Blocks from Round #2. I really love the colors. I am putting a piano key border around the outside so it is taking a lot of sewing.

Friday Night Sew in is coming up and I hope I can complete the border then.

My 15 year old just got her permit so she wanted to drive me around today. She took a corner with out using her brakes which made me say "Use your brakes", then she stepped on her brakes everytime she got near the speed limit. "AAAArgh" I have too much gray hair already.

My 17 year old is away at a genetics study class, so the house has been really quiet. My 10 yr old is playing basketball and loving it.