Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Camera Working Yeah

Well I finally got the camera working. I had to borrow my daughters. My husbands ran out of battery power. Here is the pictures of stuff from Christmas.

I have been enjoying the encyclopedia of classic quilt patterns. I think I found the pattern for my quilting bee month. I have already opened the Moda jelly roll to enjoy the colors and paterns. Now to create something that makes me or someone else happy.

I am trying to add a picture of the knitting project that I am working on right now but it won't uplaod. Maybe in the next post.
I have to go drive kids to swim practice.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas is over

Well the holidays went well. I got a Moda jelly roll, three quilting books, some yarn and a knitting book. I have already started the first knitting project, "Knitting two socks at once". I'll post a picture tommorrow.

I finished one of my quilts but not the other one. The tension on my machine went and every time I thought I had it fixed it would lose tension. I was sick of ripping and just called it quits. I need a new machine. I am going to watch the local Uncle Henry's for a used sewing machine and I will be garage saling this spring.
Here is a picture of the crowd at my house for aChristmas celebration. They are all getting older and a simple yankee swap was the gift exchange. This year the theme was food. I think next year it will be games. Every kid chose candy except one set of homemade cookies. The cookies looked the best to me but the candy seemed to be the biggest hit.
I am thinking about posting a top ten craft project found on others websites in 2009 the only problem is I am having a hard time limiting it to ten. I'll post it soon.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's Christmas Eve Eve

What a busy weekend...my family was up for a Christmas celebration at our house. Everything went really well. I didn't stress about making it perfect and it wasn't perfect but it sure was a happy get together. Sunday was the Christmas pageant at church. My son was a magi for the fourth year in a row. We discussed what each character was ahead of time. The magi were smart men that were curious about something and traveled to discover the truth.
We all had a great time. The name of the pageant was "Will you play your part?" The kids had a great time.
I finished one quilt last night after my daughters' swim meet. No pictures because it is a Christmas present. I am quilting the second one but I just realized that the backing has a small fold in it. I am going to become friends with the seam ripper and fix it.

Friday, December 18, 2009

More Christmas Projects

I am very aware of the limited number of days till Christmas. I have been trying to figure out how to add hours to the day. I was up till 1 am last night trying to finish my son's mittens. Here's what they looked like....
I put them next to each other for this picture and realized that the Star sits up higher than the mushroom. I don't think I am going to tear anything out.
As soon as this is done I can move on to socks.
My side of the family is coming to my house tommorrow to celebrate Christmas. I am going to turn on the Christmas music, wrap some presents, and bake some cookies. That should be fun.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Just a picture to say Merry Christmas All!

Well here we are. I had everyone wear their Christmas shirts. Liz is hiding hers behind her brother . My husband hates to have his picture taken and my oldest daughter has that same smile on in all 10 pictures. The family is coming to our house this weekend to celebrate so I have to put quilting on hold. (I quilt in the main family room, so I can keep an eye on everyone.) They are a beautiful bunch especially when they are laughing.

Monday, December 14, 2009

11 Days till Christmas

Here is the list of things I have to get done before Christmas:

1. Oldest daughters Quilt (It is a sandwich and just needs to be quilted)
2. Middle daughters Quilt (It also is a sandwich. I started machine quilting it and the tension was off. I have to tear out and requilt.)
3. Son's mittens (A special order from him with Mario symbols on them. I have the yarn but have not started knitting)
4. Gift for 16 year old girl done the street whose mother got shipped to Afghanistan a month ago. She loves squirrels and I am half way through a flap hat with a squirrel on the side.
5. Socks for me. I have 1 1/2 of these but I seem to have put myself on the back burner.
6. Christmas table runner. The family is coming to my house on Saturday and I want a simple splash of color for the table. I have the fabric and the rick-rack.
7. Pillow cases - I have the supplies to make the kids each two pillow cases. (this may be an after Christmas project)

Well now that I have gotten the guilt of having too many projects to do off my chest. I am going to try and woork for a couple hours so I can earn money to buy more projects :)

It's a never ending cycle and I really do love it. I would not be happy if I didn't have at least two projects going at the same time.

Friday, December 11, 2009

One more top done

Well my husband has been away for a couple days and eventhough I have a lot of carpool duty, I have gotten a lot of sewing done.

This is my oldest daughters quilt top. I just put the sandwich together last night and am hoping I can spend a couple hours quilting it tonight.
I have been looking at a lot of blogs lately. Check out the In Stitches Holly Jolly Blog Bingo game.
I just picked my 25 words.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

15 Days till Christmas

Well everyone is back in school. I was up late last night working on a quilt sandwich. I ran out of pins. I can't decide if I have misplaced a lot of pins or do I have too many unfinished quilt sandwiches.

This quilt is for my daughter for Christmas. She told me the colors she wanted and I went shopping. She didn't liek some of the fabrics but wouldn't go fabric shopping with me.

I went shopping one more time and told her she doesn't get to complain. Now that it is together she says that she loves it. I even used some of the fabrics that she said she didn't like.

Now all I have to do is quilt it by Christmas.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

No School Day

The kids are happy today. They all heard the phone ring early this morning telling us that we did not have school today. The snow is beautiful but not fun to drive in. Of course I still need to get work done so they are playing in the snow and I am sitting trying to get some work done.

I have started this blog to show some of my craft projects and hopefully have some motivation to get them done.

I will take pictures of the two quilts I am working on, the socks I have half knitted and the many other projects that I enjoy.