Thursday, December 22, 2011

UFO List for 2012

Here is my UFO List (I'm only listing 12 of them) for 2012:

1. Roll Roll Cotton Boll - Still have 600 - 2" Half square triangles to sew
2. Stuffed Turtles - 4 to finish
3. Chart Your Course - Final Border and then Backing
4. Across the Sea - Finish piecing back
5. Red and White Block Lotto Blocks - Need more to complete a top

6. Crazy Mom Quilt - Add borders

7. International Round Robin - Fix and backing

8. Pink amd green with Mitered border - Fix final Border

9. Star Bumble Bee quilt - finish piecing add border

10. Chickens - Finish quilting

11. Postage Stamp Quilt

12. Diary of Hazel Ilene Quilt Along Quilt

I am hoping to finish one of these a month. I am sure that i will be creating new UFO's as the year progresses.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Friday - Saturday Sew In

My list was long and I got a lot done but the list included going to see my daughter perform in a Christmas production. It was hilarious. When I got home I got to sewing. Here is what I got done. A back pack for my daughter. She saw this fabric and told me I had to make her a bag out of it. Then my son asked me for a bag for his drumsticks. The Junior High mascot is a Husky. He wanted a husky on the bag. Here is what I came up with....

I was still completing the paper-pieced husky this morning. The top still needs to be sewn and the straps put in. He has 4 sets of sticks and I put a pocket in for his music sheets. I hope he likes it.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Too many things to complete!!

I can't believe that it is the 13th already. I did the Friday night Sew-In last friday but I was doing more of a knit in than a sew in. :) I got this far on this hat. (for my daughter's boyfriend) And i completed this infinity scarf. This is a pattern from Swan's Island and it is very long. The first two I made from the same pattern weren't quite long enough so I hope this is just right for her.

Saturday we all got up at the crack of dawn, swim meets, Holiday concerts, evening Christmas performances. Sunday was Church and more performances.

Here are the projects for this Friday night sew-in:

Complete the matching hat for my daughter

Finish the socks for my Mother

Sew drumstick bag for my son (he wants a paper-pieced husky on the front) (how am I going to do that?)

Make quilted bookcover for daughter

Make pillowcase for other daughter

Can i get this all done in one Friday night? No but I can try.!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Occupy Your Sewing Room

I have a long list of projects which need to be completed for Christmas and recently I have been reading a lot of blogs that are doing the Occupy your Sewing Room challenge. Well a lot of my projects are knitting so right now I am Occupying my couch as I knit. I am working on a pair of sock. They have 5 braids running up the front and after I turn the heel they will be running up th eback too. I can only do this project when I am alert. So I have a second project which requires very little thinking, counting, or cable needles. This is a Scalloped Edged Infinity Scarf. The design is by Swans Island and I am using an alpaca yarn. It is so much fun. This is the third time I have made this pattern and this time I added 52 stitches so it is 273 stitches. This is a lot of stitches. :)

The worst part is that I had 9 rows completed when I realized that I had twisted the first row and I had to take it all the way out. It was a double twist so it really had to come out.

I really hope to get back to quilting soon. The Friday Night Sew In is this friday. I will be trying to finish Orca Bay step 2 and start Orca Bay step 3.

My son has asked for a "bag" to carry his drumsticks. He has 4 sets of drumsticks. I have looked at various tutorials and I think I may use this one or this one.

That's all! Go have fun and occupy your couch or sewing room.