Friday, November 19, 2010

FNS Results

Well the Friday Night Sew In was a success. First I finished te Sew Bee It Bee Blocks. We were asked to make a favorite block or two with some 1930's fabric. I have really enjoyed the Wonky Houses that I have seen on a bunch of blogs. My house did not get wonky but i like it. And I made a simple star block. Then I started the Fresh Comfort 2 Bee blocks. We were sent a bunch of strips of vintage sheets and told to make a string block using the Kona white for the center. These turned out pretty nice.
Next I worked on my Little A's block swap. September was a block that embodies the word "simple" and my partner requested teal as her color. I thought this block looked fairly simple eventhough it really wasn't.
For October the word was "spooky" and my swap partners color is Black. All I could think of was ghosts. So that is what I tried to make.
The last thing on my list was to finish the first clue in the Bonnie Hunter Mystery "Roll Roll cotton Boll" . There is sure a lot of pink in this picture but the first step is complete.
Now it is 12:33 and technically Saturday morning so I will try to get a couple hours sleep before my children get me up.
I hope everyone had a successful night I will be surfing blogs tommorrow to see how everyone did.

Friday Night Sew-In

It's tonight. The Friday night Sew In. Here is the list of things I am hoping to get done:

1) My Fresh Comfort Bee Block
2)My Sew Bee It Bee Block
3)The first clue of the Roll Roll Cotton Boll Mystery
4)My Little A's Block swap (Sept Oct and Nov) I really need to get these done

This is a lot to get done but I may stay up really late and get it all done.

To those of you sewing along, enjoy. For those of you just blog hopping, enjoy. :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Is October really over?

The month started off great. This is the "doll quilt" that I received for the month of September It is huge(18 x 28). The swap guidelines say 24 x 24 at the largest. I love it. It is currently on my wall. Later in the month I got this doll quilt. I asked for something modern. She took some black and white fabrics and colored in small areas with fabric markers. It is such a great idea and I love it. it looks like a modern painting.
My sisters and i get together each year to celebrate our birthdays. this year we decided to have a craft weekend. We actually did it on a Thursday Friday so our husbands just had to get kids to school. I was organizing my projects for weeks before we got together. I didn't get as mouch done as i was hoping because I kept gabbing. I really hope we do it again next year.
Here is a picture of the "doll quilt" (candlemat) that I sent to my partner for September. I tried a paperpiecing pattern. The pieces were small and I really need to keep practicing.

Other things have been happening around here. My oldest turned 18 this month. I got one year older this month. My in-laws are settling in to their new home just two blocks from our house. It is a small transition but I love having them near so that we can check on them.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Christmas Craft Inspiration

Has everyone seen this magazine?.... I have new inspiration for the Holidays. I don't know how to put the link on the picture so here is the link. I have already made a couple of the toilet paper roll elves and have pulled out my felt to make a garland with the younger kids in sunday school. Enjoy!