Friday, November 5, 2010

Is October really over?

The month started off great. This is the "doll quilt" that I received for the month of September It is huge(18 x 28). The swap guidelines say 24 x 24 at the largest. I love it. It is currently on my wall. Later in the month I got this doll quilt. I asked for something modern. She took some black and white fabrics and colored in small areas with fabric markers. It is such a great idea and I love it. it looks like a modern painting.
My sisters and i get together each year to celebrate our birthdays. this year we decided to have a craft weekend. We actually did it on a Thursday Friday so our husbands just had to get kids to school. I was organizing my projects for weeks before we got together. I didn't get as mouch done as i was hoping because I kept gabbing. I really hope we do it again next year.
Here is a picture of the "doll quilt" (candlemat) that I sent to my partner for September. I tried a paperpiecing pattern. The pieces were small and I really need to keep practicing.

Other things have been happening around here. My oldest turned 18 this month. I got one year older this month. My in-laws are settling in to their new home just two blocks from our house. It is a small transition but I love having them near so that we can check on them.

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Aunt LoLo said...

Oh, that all sounds so nice!! I LOVE the idea of the crafty weekend!!!

And HOORAY for in-laws that are closer! Mine are in Salt Lake (I'm in Seattle) but are planning on moving here in about two years.