Friday, January 29, 2010

Fabric fabric and more fabric

I have been really busy working on my Seven Days of Inspiration swap. I can't show you any pictures till after she opens the seven days.

But I can show you some pictures of the quilt alongs and mysteryies I am working on:

This is the rectangles all cut for Mrs. Moen's Mystery. I used only scraps. As much as I don't like these fabrics anymore I think I might like them after Mrs' Moen works her magic.
Next are the fabrics I selected for i have to says quilt a long. I am really thinking of spring as you can see.
These fabric don't have a specific project yet but I had two in my stash and I saw two at my LQS a couple weeks back and then I was out yesterday and added the other two. I am going to have to put these together in a quilt sometime.
Well there I have my fabric guilt off my chest now. Here is an update on the family. The girls have there final swim meet of the season tonight then it is on to the State competitions. I am in charge of the programs for their meets so I have been photgraphing at practices trying to get some good pictures for the program.
My son is playing Basketball this season. He has two more Saturday games. Last week he came home really happy saying "Mom today we only lost by 6 points". His team has a lot of first time players. But the coach is fantastic and the kids really enjoy it.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Photographic Evidence

I love when I see the term fabric porn because sometimes that is what it feels like. I love to look at fabric. These are the two layer cakes that I ordered. I am going to do the pinwheel quilt along with Rachel at ps i quilt. I ordered a bunch of Kona cotton from Joann's (it was 50% off) I haven't deided what the background color is going to be yet (white, pink, or red)
Here are my I spy block packets. I organized them into 10 squares in each packet so the coordinator has an easier time of sorting them. I can't wait to get my 200 I spy blocks back.

Here is another block swap I am involved with. It is a building block swap. I chose a General Store. I am going to put an ICE freezer on the front porch and a barrel maybe a mail box and perhaps a rocking chair.
Well I am off to a high school swim meet. I always walk around with an extra layer on compared to everyone else but at the meet I finally get warmed up and shed a couple layers. It's great. Enjoy your Friday everyone.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Technically It is still Sunday

So here it is......Cheddar and Crackers (that's the pattern name but I have to get a better name for it) I really love this. it was really hard to make sure all the colors came out correctly but it was worth it.

My quiltathon was successful. I am tired and I am now going to bed. I will probably be dreaming about backings and borders maybe even quilting.

A fat quarters give away

I finally got some time to catch up on my blogs. I came across this blog Suzanne's Great Big Giveaway. She is closing down her storefront "Knots and Bolts". I'm dreaming about winning some fat quarters.


Well I had a list of what I wanted to get done this weekend. It went like this: 1. Cheddar and Crackers by Hunble Quilter (all squares are cut just need to sew) 2. Diary of Hazel steps (3 days) 3. Bonnie Hunter's Double Delight (most of this is cut at least parts 1 and 2) 4. Finish hand sewing the binding on my daughters christmas quilt 5. Make a couple pillowcases for 1 million pillowcases

Such a small list so easy to do. Not.. I got a little of the Cheddar and Crackers quilt completed. I am staying up late tonight and I will finish this top. I will post pictures later.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Friday Night Sew In

Well the night started off really well. I finished my blocks for the Fresh Comfort II Bee. They turned out great now to get to the post office and mail them to Margaret. Next I wanted to make the block of the month from the Quilt Ladies.
Done. I'm on a roll. The next thing on the list is the Amy's passion Blocks of the month. I tried making these once before but I really didn't like the fabrics. I got new fabric and here are the new blocks.

I think they look great. Ok what is next. Distant pickle just added the next step in her quilt along. So I will do the next step.

They were just 9 patches and now they are disappearing 9 patches. So now it is 2am and I am really tired. I tried to finish my Cheddar and crackers quilt but I realized I didn't have one of the fabrics I needed. I decided to sit and finish the binding on my daughters quilt.

I got really tired and couldn't finish. So I went to bed.
What a great Friday Night Sew In.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Another Swap

I know. I know. I am involved in too much. (this is my conscience speaking to me)

But I couldn't resist. This I-SPy block swap looks so easy. All I have to do is find 10 fabrics and cut 20 4" squares out of each then mail it to her and I will get 200 4" squares back. Some of mine and 190 from others. So I signed up. I stopped by my local quilt shop and got 4 fabrics. Aren't the owls great. Now I just have to find 6 more. Easy peasy :)

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Getting ready for the weekend

I finally chose my fabrics for the Bonnie Hunter Double Delight Mystery quilt. This is one of the things I am going to work on this weekend. I have been making lists and getting things done. I have one more night to get the family list done so that I can spend the Friday Night Sew In just sewing.

I have one crockpot meal (chicken stew with dumplings) that my family loves and I am headed to the grocery store to get Taco fixings. That is always a hit.

I have been the major laundry queen the last couple days and I think I will only have a sheets and towels load to get through this weekend.

So as I am contemplating all this I stumble upon the 1 million pillowcase challenge and I am thinking that I have to fit in a couple pillowcases to my weekend. They are fast and I have stash. We have a local homeless shelter and I'm sure they would be appreciated.

So in order to finish everything I want to finish I would need my weekend to last for about 14 days and in that 14 days I would probably come up with a couple more things to make.

I just need to stay away from the quilting blogs and quilting stores until I finish the projects in front of me.

Well back to work at my real job.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pictures of My projects

I think I may have figured out how to get more than one picture into my blog. Yeah

Cheddar Cheese with Humble Quilter Block of the Month with Amy's Passion

Fresh Comfort Blocks for February

Siggy Swap blocks all signed and ready to go.

Two of the 9 patches for the Distant Pickle Quilt Along

Quilt Alongs (I think I may be doing too many)

So I have been really busy. I have been taking pictures but I have not been getting on the computer. Here is a look at what my Hazel's Diary Quilt looks like so far. I am enjoying feeling up to date on it. Sometimes I take a couple days and then do a couple days at one time.
I am working on a whole bunch of other quilt alongs. I can't figure out how to get pictures in two different places on this blog post so I will have to tell you about them and show you on a seperate post.
I have finished piecing all my 9 patches for the Distant pickle quilt along.
I was one of the lucky 100 to get into the siggy swap with Rachel. I have finished those blocks and they are waiting to get shipped out.
I am part of a block swap quilting bee Fresh Comfort II. Margaret has February and chose a teal and brown wonky log cabin. We were only supposed to make two squares but I'm an overachiever and had lots of great fabrics. She can chose her two favorites and maybe put one on the back.
I am also getting ready to sew for the Friday Night Sew a quiltathon of sewing. I have been getting every WIP cut out so that I can just sew sew sew Friday and hopefully most of Saturday. I hope I figure out how to post two pictures at once by then so I can show lots of pictures.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sewing for a Baby

I had so much fun making these snugglers. It is such an easy pattern.
I blew it up on the photcopier at work. My baby is turning 10 soon and so I had fun shopping for baby fabrics.

This is for the bookkeeper at my office. She had a really bad infection last year and was on antibiotics for a really long time and surprise her birth control pills didn't work. She is having a boy and is due any day now.

I have been working on the Amy's passion Block of the month (started dec 29, 2009)and I really hate the color combination in the block. I really like the pink with the cute flowers but not the other fabric. I think I am thinking winter and dark. I am going to look for a pale green and a yellowy brown maybe. Or maybe I should think pale pink and a darker pink.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hazel Ilene Quilt along

Well here is a picture of the fabrics I'm using.

I really like the flower fabric. I just saw that I get to cut a square of it today. I have to decide if I am going to fussy cut the square or not.

The other thing I'm working on is the block of the month. I just made up the 3" block version.
Other than that life is wild, kids are back in school, and I'm supposed to be working. I look like I'm working but I am still on a sugar high from the holidays.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Lots of Quilts, lots of projects

Well I hope everyone is having a great new year. I have been working on many projects. I just thought I would show fabrics and some works in progress.

Here is the list of things I am working on or thinking about working on:

Carolina Christmas- I found this mystery quilt online after all the clues were out. I really liked it but didn't want it quite so large. I shunk it to a lap quilt size and used a moda jelly roll I got for Christmas with some other fabrics mixed in. Here is the top so far.
No Sew Block swap - I thought this was a great idea. I joined both groups. I really enjoyed going through quilter's cache to find a 12" block. I can't believe how many quilt patterns are in quilter's cache.

Hazel Ilene Quilt Along - I came across this and thought it would be fun. I had a couple fabrics and purchased the two that I needed. I have done all the cutting so far.

Distant Pickle is having a fun quilt along. A simple 9 patch design called "disappearing 9 patch" I had a bunch of fun fabrics and have cut all these squares. I just read today that we are to sew the 9 patches. That will be tonights project.

The Quilt Ladies has a block of the month project she has a 3", 6" and 12" block for each month. I have chosen scraps for the 3" blocks and am searching for fabrics for the other sizes. This may just be a fun way to learn new blocks each month. I completed the 3" block. It was fun working that small.

Cheddar cheese doll quilt - this is a quilt along. The pattern looks really interesting. I have not sewn this one yet. I want to get a better fabric for the Cheddar cheese :).

Quilted Hen has a Raid the Stash block of the week project. I would really like to do this but I just don't like any of the fabric combinations I have chosen for this project yet.

Amy's Passion has a 3 blocks a month project. In the end we will have 12 blocks and it quilted and bound by Christmas 2010 (If we keep to the schedule). This sounds promising. I have pulled fabrics and just need one more to make the project complete.