Friday, October 1, 2010

Seacoast Shop Hop

My Mom and i did the Seacoast Shop Hop today. It was fun to spend the time with my mom and getting to look at fabric was great too. During this Shop Hop you get a charm when you pay for your "Passport"($14) and then as each shop stamps your "Passport" they give you a charm. At the last store (there were only 5 stores) they give you a bracelet. Isn't this great. I will wear it proudly. Blogger would not let me post all the pictures of my stuff but I did not get too much. The first shop we went to was Garrisin Hill Quilt Shop. They had a great variety of fabrics. Then we went to Little Lamb Quilt Shop. they had the Kona colors I needed. Then we went to Checkerberries. They had a lot of Civil war fabrics. i found a cute pattern. I will stitch it and then show it. Then we headed for Massachusettes to The quilted Acorn. This shop has mainly civil war fabrics and tole painting supplies. The final shop for the hop was Knight's Quilt shop in Cape Neddick Maine. i have been to Knight's before and saved it for last because i really liked it the last time i was there. They have a great selection a bunch of cutting tables and a couple of registers. I found a really cute giraffe print for a binding and some great novelty fat quarters. i usually check out their scrap bags but they only had one and it was all flannels. oh well I'll just have to come back again.

I had a really great day. I hope everyone has a great weekend.