Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sewing for a Baby

I had so much fun making these snugglers. It is such an easy pattern.
I blew it up on the photcopier at work. My baby is turning 10 soon and so I had fun shopping for baby fabrics.

This is for the bookkeeper at my office. She had a really bad infection last year and was on antibiotics for a really long time and surprise her birth control pills didn't work. She is having a boy and is due any day now.

I have been working on the Amy's passion Block of the month (started dec 29, 2009)and I really hate the color combination in the block. I really like the pink with the cute flowers but not the other fabric. I think I am thinking winter and dark. I am going to look for a pale green and a yellowy brown maybe. Or maybe I should think pale pink and a darker pink.

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