Friday, January 29, 2010

Fabric fabric and more fabric

I have been really busy working on my Seven Days of Inspiration swap. I can't show you any pictures till after she opens the seven days.

But I can show you some pictures of the quilt alongs and mysteryies I am working on:

This is the rectangles all cut for Mrs. Moen's Mystery. I used only scraps. As much as I don't like these fabrics anymore I think I might like them after Mrs' Moen works her magic.
Next are the fabrics I selected for i have to says quilt a long. I am really thinking of spring as you can see.
These fabric don't have a specific project yet but I had two in my stash and I saw two at my LQS a couple weeks back and then I was out yesterday and added the other two. I am going to have to put these together in a quilt sometime.
Well there I have my fabric guilt off my chest now. Here is an update on the family. The girls have there final swim meet of the season tonight then it is on to the State competitions. I am in charge of the programs for their meets so I have been photgraphing at practices trying to get some good pictures for the program.
My son is playing Basketball this season. He has two more Saturday games. Last week he came home really happy saying "Mom today we only lost by 6 points". His team has a lot of first time players. But the coach is fantastic and the kids really enjoy it.


Aunt LoLo said...

I would LOVE to see a post about your "creative process." I'm starting up two quilts...and am not really sure how to go about it!! How do you look at fabric and decide which kind of quilt design you're going to use?

Jackie said...

Your fabric choices are fantastic!

Kathleen said...

All your fabrics groupings look so pleasing. I think you are like that first group once it's in a project.

Shelley said...

LOVE that last line up of fabrics starting with the reds to the greens. I became a follower today, you have a really nice blog!

K said...

How'd you join that group? I've been drooling over the pool of delights all day long, figuring it was an exclusively British thing. But YOU are not in Britain. Lucky yank!! And you get to live in Maine, too. You do realize how wonderful that is?