Thursday, December 17, 2009

Just a picture to say Merry Christmas All!

Well here we are. I had everyone wear their Christmas shirts. Liz is hiding hers behind her brother . My husband hates to have his picture taken and my oldest daughter has that same smile on in all 10 pictures. The family is coming to our house this weekend to celebrate so I have to put quilting on hold. (I quilt in the main family room, so I can keep an eye on everyone.) They are a beautiful bunch especially when they are laughing.


Helen said...

What a handsome family! No such photo coming from my blog.... can't seem to get MH and Son together in the same room!!:-O Maybe I need my family to visit my place for the xmas week, then maybe, just maybe I will find my dining table...... I know it's under all that "stuff" somewhere!!! It's all important stuff I'm told - and I'm proud to say that NONE of it is quilting related.. it all appears to be homework (we finished school weeks ago!) and newspapers. Oh well, who really cares... it's time for family and relaxing, and not worrying about tidy house vs messy house!
Have a wonderful Christmas,
from Helen in Australia

stitchsister said...

What a lovely family you have. Happy New Year! -Linda (Stitchsister from Fresh Comfort Two)