Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas is over

Well the holidays went well. I got a Moda jelly roll, three quilting books, some yarn and a knitting book. I have already started the first knitting project, "Knitting two socks at once". I'll post a picture tommorrow.

I finished one of my quilts but not the other one. The tension on my machine went and every time I thought I had it fixed it would lose tension. I was sick of ripping and just called it quits. I need a new machine. I am going to watch the local Uncle Henry's for a used sewing machine and I will be garage saling this spring.
Here is a picture of the crowd at my house for aChristmas celebration. They are all getting older and a simple yankee swap was the gift exchange. This year the theme was food. I think next year it will be games. Every kid chose candy except one set of homemade cookies. The cookies looked the best to me but the candy seemed to be the biggest hit.
I am thinking about posting a top ten craft project found on others websites in 2009 the only problem is I am having a hard time limiting it to ten. I'll post it soon.

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