Monday, December 14, 2009

11 Days till Christmas

Here is the list of things I have to get done before Christmas:

1. Oldest daughters Quilt (It is a sandwich and just needs to be quilted)
2. Middle daughters Quilt (It also is a sandwich. I started machine quilting it and the tension was off. I have to tear out and requilt.)
3. Son's mittens (A special order from him with Mario symbols on them. I have the yarn but have not started knitting)
4. Gift for 16 year old girl done the street whose mother got shipped to Afghanistan a month ago. She loves squirrels and I am half way through a flap hat with a squirrel on the side.
5. Socks for me. I have 1 1/2 of these but I seem to have put myself on the back burner.
6. Christmas table runner. The family is coming to my house on Saturday and I want a simple splash of color for the table. I have the fabric and the rick-rack.
7. Pillow cases - I have the supplies to make the kids each two pillow cases. (this may be an after Christmas project)

Well now that I have gotten the guilt of having too many projects to do off my chest. I am going to try and woork for a couple hours so I can earn money to buy more projects :)

It's a never ending cycle and I really do love it. I would not be happy if I didn't have at least two projects going at the same time.

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Helen said...

Hi Crafty Maine Mom! Just found your blog..... glad to see I'm not the only one with a list of "must do before xmas" items!! I love your girls quilts and I'm sure they will love them too! Lucky girls! Maybe they can actually participate in the making of the pillow cases - have a Mom and girls sewing day!! I love the pics of the snow..... here in Australia it's so hot and humid I can't stand it!! Strange, but I still manage to sew and quilt:-)
Happy Sewing and Happy Christmas!