Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Camera Working Yeah

Well I finally got the camera working. I had to borrow my daughters. My husbands ran out of battery power. Here is the pictures of stuff from Christmas.

I have been enjoying the encyclopedia of classic quilt patterns. I think I found the pattern for my quilting bee month. I have already opened the Moda jelly roll to enjoy the colors and paterns. Now to create something that makes me or someone else happy.

I am trying to add a picture of the knitting project that I am working on right now but it won't uplaod. Maybe in the next post.
I have to go drive kids to swim practice.

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Helen said...

Lucky girl!! I'll have to work on my own family for next xmas - they never think to give me "quilting stuff"! Although my Niece did give me the boxed quilting desk calendar:-)

I enjoy your blog! Happy New Year and Happy Sewing for 2010!