Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's Christmas Eve Eve

What a busy family was up for a Christmas celebration at our house. Everything went really well. I didn't stress about making it perfect and it wasn't perfect but it sure was a happy get together. Sunday was the Christmas pageant at church. My son was a magi for the fourth year in a row. We discussed what each character was ahead of time. The magi were smart men that were curious about something and traveled to discover the truth.
We all had a great time. The name of the pageant was "Will you play your part?" The kids had a great time.
I finished one quilt last night after my daughters' swim meet. No pictures because it is a Christmas present. I am quilting the second one but I just realized that the backing has a small fold in it. I am going to become friends with the seam ripper and fix it.

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Corrie said...

oh so cute! my keira soooo wants to be in the play each year but only the kids at the parish school get to be in it so I tell her not long to go! I think having the play really helps the kids understand the story and I love it!

gorgeous! I also wanted to ask how you like the stash buster quilt book I see you got for christmas! I've been eyeing that one off!

lovely blog