Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Computer had a Trojan

That is what the Geek Squad guy told me. I couldn't even turn it on. It is so hard to be with out a computer. The good news is I had lots of time to sew. I got lots of small projects done but here is the one big project Which is almost done.
These are my Modify Tradiotion Sampler Blocks from Round #2. I really love the colors. I am putting a piano key border around the outside so it is taking a lot of sewing.

Friday Night Sew in is coming up and I hope I can complete the border then.

My 15 year old just got her permit so she wanted to drive me around today. She took a corner with out using her brakes which made me say "Use your brakes", then she stepped on her brakes everytime she got near the speed limit. "AAAArgh" I have too much gray hair already.

My 17 year old is away at a genetics study class, so the house has been really quiet. My 10 yr old is playing basketball and loving it.


KaHolly said...

I'm just loving this quilt!! ~karen

sophie said...

I really love the colors, too ... and I'm glad that the geek squad was able to rescue you from the attack by the Trojans ;-)

Jackie said...

I really like your MT quilt too! Gorgeous.

I did not do well with teenage drivers. We mutually agreed that I would not be sitting in the passenger seat. Thank goodness my husband has nerves of steel! It's not for sissies!

Me aka Supermom said...

I SO love these colors together!!

stitchsister said...

The colors are really wonderful. I'm always impressed with the Modify Tradition ladies' use of colors and you definitely have the knack too. Well done!