Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Busy Summer full of Fun

The month is July began with a quick trip to Acadia National Park. This is a picture from our favorite beach, Little Hunter's Beach. If you are heading to Maine to go to this park email me and I will give you a couple great ideas of places to go. We go up every summer and the kids still love it. Next we started all of our summer programs, basketball, day camp, etc. I left for a week with my 15 year old to go to Presbyterian Youth Triennium in West Lafayette Indiana. It was very hot and humid and no airconditioning in the dorm at Purdue. We had a great time anyways.
Here is a our little group that represented Northern New England.
My husband and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary with a quiet walk on the beach and dinner at a seafood restaurant.
Then it was off to the Maine Quilt Show. i took a class on Saturday but went up for the preview of Thursday night. 873 quilts ...amazing.
I took the Carol Doak Paper Piecing Class. It was amazing. I have no qualms about doing a paper pieced project now, and I know how to estimate the amount of fabric I will need for the project. She is a wealth of information.
The on Aug 1st I drove my teenager to Tanglewood 4H camp for a three week leadership program. She will be hiking and then teaching the younger campers. My youngest will be going up for the last week of her time there and will get to be one of the younger campers that she works with.
Now if I can just get back to the sewing machine and get some quilting done I would be just a little happier.

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martine said...

Just to let you know that I mailed your Posy Needlecase to-day.
Watch for it and let me know when received.
Warm greetings Martine