Friday, April 23, 2010

College Touring - Not a quilt shop visited

Well I am back from doing the college tour thing with my Junior and my other daughter who is a freshman. First we went to Muhlenberg in Allentown PA, then Dickinson in Carlisle, PA. This is a picture of one of the buildings on the Dickinson Campus. The nest day we toured Bryn Mawr (an all girls school near Philadelphia, PA),
then we drove through Haverford and toured Swathmore in Swathmore, PA. After we left Swarthmore we drove through Villanova. This is a picture from Swarthmore.
The next day we toured Quinnipiac in Hamden, CT. This is a beautiful campus. The only drawback is that they are moving most of the housing off campus.
That same day we went to Connecticut College for a tour but we missed the tour and the next was in an hour. My daughter didn't want to wait so we did a self guided tour and left.
They were all beautiful schools but after that many days in a car with a teenager that really just wants to hang out with friends i was very glad to get home.
The amazing story behind all this college touring is that we had my in-laws come up to help my husband while I was gone with my son. They arrived the day begore I left but something was wrong with my MIL. She had a mini stroke. We admitted her to the hospital. I left (there was plenty of other family around my husband had really just wanted to see his parents) and she came home the next day. We are now trying to get her to take the medicine that should prevent any new strokes from happening.

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