Monday, May 10, 2010

Spring to Finish - update?

Ok, so I was supposed to post a list of the projects I wanted to complete by the end of May and I was too busy to post the list. I have created a list in Word and have been using that so I will let you know how I am doing.

1. Breast Cancer Quilts-I received the blocks back from my swap partners, I have laid them out and now I need to cut the sashing and sew the top together. I think I can finish this by the end of the month.

2. Pinwheel Sampler - I wasn't happy with the 4 block by 4 block layout and so I had to add 4 more blocks. I have completed all of the blocks now and all the little 2.5" pinwheel corner blocks and I should be able to sew this top together by the end of the month.

3. Jellyroll Quilt Along - I have only done the first three blocks so I need to catch up. I hope to be up to date on this quilt along by the end of the month.

4. Modify Tradition (quilt along)- I really like the fabrics I chose for this quilt along. I have made the first 4 blocks and I have 4 more to make.

5. Too many swaps - Here is a list of all the swaps I have completed in the last two weeks: Summer Sadie's building block swap, a mini block swap, a couple I spy swaps, Fresh Comfort 2 Bee, Sew Bee It Bee, and I am part of a Boomerang swap I have completed 31- 12" blocks for that swap.

6. Double Delight - I have worked this quilt all the way to step #4. I just have the assembling part to do. I am kind of stalled because I realized that I didn't get enough fabric for finishing the edge. Why that has stopped me from completing the top I don't know but... oh well.

7. Postage stamp quilt - I have barely started this quilt. I have all the strips cut and a few sewn together. I did not like the way the fabrics repeated in a pattern so I am still trying to figure out how I can put the fabrics together to eliminate this problem.

8. A Little more I spy Quilt - This one just needs sashing around the blocks and then assembly. Hopefully this can be completed.

Do I really only have 20 days till the end of the month. I am pretty sure that I can get 6 of these 8 things done before the end of the month. If I can then I may just go and by that fabric I have been eyeing for a quilt for myself.

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Miranda said...

That is a lot of projects! Goodluck :)