Thursday, May 20, 2010

I am getting things Finished

I am finally getting some quilts finished. by finished I mean tops complete, backings sewn and bagged to go to the long armer. Yes there are four bags there with tops that have been finished for a while but I never finished the backings. Yeah. The two tops you see just need a little sashing or a border and they will be finished. I have a backing for both so I hope to get 6 quilts to the quilter tommorrow. I am working on the Spring to the Finish challenge that is why I have been getting things done but look what I got in the mail the last couple days. I spy blocks... I was in a swap with fabrikate for 200 blocks a set (at the time I thought I'm really going to need two sets) so I sent enough fabric to get two sets. Then Project corner had a second swap and I just had to get in that one and of course I needed two sets. So now I have 800 - 4" I spy squares.
For those of you that have done these kind of swaps before you already know this but for anyone who hasn't done one of these swaps not all the fabric that you get is quilt quality. I pulled out a couple of flannel squares, fabric that was very seethrough, and some fabric that really wasn't Ispy. This leaves me with 788 squares. I can't start assembling any quilts until I finish 2 more projects.
1. the modify tradition quilt along (I have three more blocks)
2. the postage stamp quilt along ( I have 15 more blocks to make)
I am dreaming of a large cathedral window quilt with I spys in the windows, or an attic window quilt, or a quilt with flaps to lift and spy the squares underneath.
No more dreaming. I am going to finish these projects and then I will play with the I spy squares.

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