Friday, April 2, 2010

April Showers bring ... treats

Well there have been no real showers in April so far, but there were plenty in March. The water drainage got clogged right near our house and our basement flooded. We have flooded before about twice before in 14 years so we had almost everything up. I had just moved my sewing room down to the basement so some fabric that I was playing with on the rug got wet but it was all washable. After all that rain we have had beautiful sun and today I got this giveaway in the mail. Beth over at The Quilt Ladies sent me these seven fatquarters and one of her books. I love the fabrics and have started reading the book already. The other great thing that happened yesterday is that the Maine Shop Hop started. Because the shops are so far a part and really can't be hopped in a weekend, we have the entire month of April to get to all 32 shops. I started at my local quilt shop, Mariner's Compass. I love the people here they are great. She has expanded her clearance area. I picked up these charm packs for 50% off.
I have been dreaming of a whirlygig quilt or a pinwheel quilt now I could do both. :)
Well hopefully this weekend I can get to at least 6 more shops. I really need a new machine and I am hoping to win one of the two machines. Wish me luck! ;)


Laurie said...

Great fabrics to win!! I am a Maine quilter also - my blog is a yankee quilter :) I hope you win the machine - my local shop is The Fabric Garden over in Madison. Have fun on the hop!

Brigitte said...

I love this idea of a Shop Hop. And you made a good start of it in your local quilt shop. Your fabric purchases look gorgeous.