Friday, February 5, 2010

Weekend TO DO list

So this weekend is very busy in our household. Tonight is the high school kids big dance. They call it "Snogard". Which is Dragons spelled backwards. Our high schools mascot is the Dragon.
Both girls are going. First they are going to swim practice and then off to the dance. They aren't staying out to late because Saturday is KVAC's.
I'm not sure what the letters mean but it means the regional swim meet before the states. Both my girls love to swim and I will be cheering them on from the bleachers. I have a number of hand projects to keep me busy when they are not swimming.
When I'm not watching them swim pr helping them get ready I am going to be working on my BOM. This is the Amy's passion block. I am really excited about geting these done for February. They look really challenging. I am also going to work on the mystery quilt at quiltbug.
And finally if I have time I will work on Sadie's Building Block. Does it look like a General store? I still have to put doors on the Ice box but other than that I think I am done. Now I have to make 7 more for the swap.
I should be busy. Oh did I forget to mention the football game? No I won't be watching but the family will and that just means more sewing alone time. Yeah!


Tamera said...

What a gorgeous block!

Sounds like you'll have a busy weekend with kids activities!

Kathleen said...

The general store looks really good... so many details, and I like the trees.

Jackie said...

You have a lot of nice stuff to work on. I really like the fabrics you've chosen for the Amy's Passion block. Especially the cream, taupe with a touch of blue.