Wednesday, February 24, 2010

ps i quilt Pinwheel Sampler

Hi everyone, I need help. I can't decide which set of pinwheels to do. This is how I first put them together before I sewed anything but then when I had finished ironing. I put them out like this.
I kind of like the contrasting outer pinwheel. Which should I use?


Jackie said...

I really like both sets. My favorite one with the red fabric is probably in the second set and my favorite all pink one is in the first set. I like how you mixed these up to get different looks.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...'re asking for trouble here ;0)
So many quilters have their color and pattern preferences; in the end, it really does need to come down to : which do YOU like the best?

With that said, if it truly is a coin-flip for you, I will share my vote: :0)
I am partial to both blocks in your original layout because of how well the "outer pinks" blend together.

LOVELY LOVELY colors! (I'm a mom of three girls)
Happy Thursday
-Amy (NW WI)