Monday, March 7, 2011

A little Sewing going on

Well here is the reason I haven't gotten a lot of sewing done. My oldest daughter has mononucleosis and they called last night to say that the strep test that came back negative on the quick strep test was positive. She has a rare form of strep along with the mono. We finally got a diagnosis on Wednesday but she had been sick for about three days by then. I think we may be turning the corner today, she actually got some school work done this morning. I did find time to work on these Block Lotto blocks for the month of March. this is the first time in a couple months that I have been able to make the blocks. They were fun.
I had to drive #2 daughter to a swim meet in Orono yesterday. During the met I got one of the Birdie Stitches blocks done. No picture today but I will put the squares around the block and then I will take a picture.
It is raining here and melting all the snow. It is a bit ugly but I am so glad to see the ice and snow melt that I will deal with the little bit ugly. :)


Jackie said...

I know it's a long road to recovery but I hope your daughter is feeling better quite soon! I love the red blocks, the red fabrics look really nice and fresh paired with the white.

Cathy said...

Hello Crafty!
Oh..I pray your daughter is well very soon! She was hit big time. Two of my gd's are possible walking pneu (will find out at 6pm) but had a fever and cough for 9 days (she is 5). Her sister is two with an ear infection. Always such a worry!

Thank you for visiting my blog and joining!~!!

I just love your red and white blocks!!! That is a pattern I've been wanting to try~ It looks so pretty!

Hang in there with all you have to do~

Impera_Magna said...

I hope your daughter is much better in the morning and that 100% better is not far off!

Love those red and white blocks!

Sew Many Mamas said...

Mono sure is a pain! Hope she recovers soon! Love your Block Lotto blocks!