Saturday, February 19, 2011

Results of FNSI

Here is what I got accomplished last night. For one of my bee's the December block was a paper pieced Harry Potter themed 8x8 block. We are supposed to make two blocks. This has taken me a very long time to finish. the second block is the Hogwarts express. It looks a little easier than this. If your not a big Harry Potter fan this is Hagrid's umbrella which we find out in one of the books has his wand hidden in it (or something like that) All of the patterns are available here. Some of them are really hard.

I did organize a bunch of my sewing room but that really isn't sewing. It sure will help me to get sewing quicker next time I get a chance.


Marg said...

Well done, that looks so complicated, I haven't tried paper piecing yet.

Nicole said...

it turned out great!!1

Sandra Henderson said...

Wow! I have not read the books, but know some about it and have a great admiration for jk rowlings....(?)
Im glsd you found me so thwt now i can find you snd see all of your gorgeous quilts! Wow!

June Dodge said...

What a fun quilt to work on. Will be fun to check back and see what else you make!

: ) June

shez said...

love the colours,well done