Monday, August 29, 2011

One Finished and A little Irene

My big goal for the weekend was to get the last border put on this quilt. I am in an International Round Robin and i had to put an 8" border on this. I put the orange border. I think it looks great. We drove my daughter to college on Saturday. Her and three of the kids from her class are going to the same college in massachussettes. We dropped off and drove quickly home to try and beat Tropical Storm Irene back to Maine. Mines the one on the left. She is saying "take the picture and go already Mom" Well they called us this morning and Irene knocked down too many trees around the college that power isn't going to be restored till Thursday. We were asked to come get our kids. She's home and a little bit bummed but the final straw was that she couldn't charge her cell phone and she can't live with out the cellphone.

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